Greenland Science Week / Polarforskerdag (Polar Research Day) – 2nd Stakeholder Meeting

Greenland Week of Science has been renamed Greenland Science Week, which is the new Arctic multidisciplinary Greenlandic research conference, which is also a platform for international researchers, Greenlandic research and society.

The week is divided into two large parts, the gray zone and the light gray zone.

The gray zone will be arranged by the stakeholders and coordinated together by PhD student Verena Huppert from Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq.

The light gray zone consists Welcome Reception, Polar Research Day and Public Outreach Day in Katuaq and is to be coordinated by Aalborg Universitet / University of Aalbog – AAU.

The welcome reception that will take place at Ilimmarfik – University of Greenland, is coordinated by research coordinator Hans Kristian Olsen from Ilisimatusarfik and secretary Arnajaaq Lynge from Greenland Research Council Secretariat.

All coordination is in collaboration with project coordinator Allan Peter Olsen from Greenland Perspective.

See the presentation here



NOS-HS spring meeting

NOS-HS – The Joint Committee for Nordic Research Councils in the Humanities and Social Sciences, which is a committee for joint committees of research councils in humanity sciences and social sciences, held a spring meeting in Reykjavík, Iceland on May 13 in Hotel Saga and May 14 at the University of Iceland.

The new appointed member Lene Kielsen Holm participated on behalf of the Greenland Research Council May 13, the agenda had these topics ‘Moderated Orientation and Discussion on NOS-HS’, ‘Application Review Process, Academy of Finland procedure’, ‘Review Form and Ranking Instructions for Panels’, ‘Evaluation of NOS-HS Workshops’ andOpen access’.

May 14 Lene Kielsen Holm presented from Greenland Research Council with Annika Sølvará from the Faroese Research Council as the first presenters, and the next coming topic was ‘Transfer of Information: Evaluation Procedure Presentations by Each National Research Council’.

Read the agenda here
Read the participant list here



Hindsgavl 2019 – Arctic Workshop on Research and Education

Aarhus University, the Technical University of Denmark and the University of Copenhagen held the workshop jointly, with the aim of strengthening cooperation within Arctic research.

Chairman Josephine Nymand and member Morten Meldgaard participated the workshop, which was held on 9 and 10 April. The main theme was:
‘IPPC Climate Panel Report 2018 and Consequences for the Arctic: Political Implications and Research Needs’

Read the programme here (in Danish)



Greenland Week of Science / Polarforskerdag (Polar Research Day) – 1st Stakeholder Meeting.

Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge from the Secretariat for the Greenland Research Council participated in the stakeholder meeting on Greenland Week of Science Thursday the 21st in the Ilimmarfik auditorium.

Greenland Week of Science is a starting point from the Danish Polarforskerdag, which is no longer funded by the Danish state.

In order to continue and take Polarforskerdag home to Greenland, Greenland Perspective seeks stakeholders to organize the Greenland Week of Science / Poolarforskerdag conference, to create a platform that can exchange knowledge, thoughts, challenges and ideas that can shape the research and research environment here in Greenland in many years ahead.

The organizer group consists of Greenland Perspective, Greenland University, Municipality of Sermersooq and AAU Arctic.

The plan for the conference is to hold the conference every year, this year planned to hold in Nuuk in weeks 48 and 49 with workshops, seminars, dissemination activities, and networking activities.

Read the agenda for the stakeholder meeting here
See the presentation on Greenland Week of Science here
Read the draft of the program for Polarforskerdag 2019 here
Read the report here


Nunatta nipaa on Research Promotion Pool

Friday morning the 15th, Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge from the Secretariat of the Greenland Research Council was interviewed about Research Promotion Pool in the program Nunatta nipaa, Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa – Greenland Broadcasting Corporation.

Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa'ni aallakaatitassiami Nunatta nipaa'mi allatsi Arnajaaq Lynge Ilisimatusarnermik Siuarsaanermik…

Slået op af NIS Grønlands ForskningsrådFredag den 15. februar 2019

From left:
Pipaluk Egede Poulsen, Arnajaaq Lynge, and Andreas Poulsen.

Listen to the interview here


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