The Secretariat


The Secretariat has the assignment to ensure the progress of the Research Council to meet the objectives of the Research Advice Act and the Granting of Research Funding by the Government of Greenland, such as involves coordination and prioritization of research efforts in Greenland, strengthening research cooperation within and outside the country, as well as increased dissemination of Greenlandic research.

The primary task of the Secretariat is to provide support the Council in its work to realize the overall research policy objectives. The secretariat shall act as a communication link between the Council, research communities and the public in Greenland.

The Council is served by an independent Secretariat located at the Ministry at any time. The scope and duties of the secretarial service are defined in a contract between the Council and the Ministry.


The Secretariat has a number of tasks in accordance with the Rules of Procedure, which include:

  • Contributing to the preparation and holding of Council meetings in the form of preparatory proceedings and follow-up to Council decisions.
  • Presentation of draft minutes of the Council’s extraordinary meetings.
  • Prepare budget and proposals for subsidies to the national cash register.
  • Prepare accounts for approval.
  • Prepare annual report for approval.
  • Prepare annual report for approval.
  • Ensure advertising of distribution of PhD and postdoc scholarships, including statistics on awarded a scholarships, when Ph.D. the degree ends and from which institution.
  • Advertise the distribution of research aids.
  • Conducts case processing if. allocation of research promotion funds.
  • Maintain the Council’s website in three languages, as well as other communication platforms.
  • Prepare press releases regarding allocation of funds.
  • Prepare other press releases from the Council.
  • Sending, in coordination with the Chair, the agenda of the meeting enclosed with the relevant cases and the Secretariat’s notes on these in connection with the tasks mentioned above.


In addition, the Secretariat has a number of tasks in accordance with the legal framework of the Council, which include:

  • Ensure a procedure so that eligible research institutions to nominate council candidates, research centers, research environments, entrepreneurial and innovation environments have the opportunity to nominate candidates individually or in collaboration.
  • Ensure that candidates for the Council declare participation in other councils, advice or interests in private companies and other matters that may affect impartiality of the candidate.



About the Secretariat

The Secretariat of the Greenland Research Council was established in spring 2015 and was located in the Department of Education, Culture and Research in the Government of Greenland.

The first secretary of the Greenland Research Council is Steen Jeppson, who is educated cand. mag. in Culture and Society History, University of Greenland.
He was employed as a Research Council Secretary from 2015 to 2016.

Juaaka Lyberth was employed as a consultant at the Secretariat in 2016 until a full-time secretary was found. He is a graduate of cand. mag. in Eskimology, University of Copenhagen.

The third secretary is Arnajaaq Lynge. She is a graduate school teacher, a bachelor of Culture and Society History, and was stud. cand. soc. when she was a part-time Secretariat employee from October 2016.

In January 2017, she graduated as an MSSc – a Master of Social Science in Social Sciences through West Nordic Studies from the University of Greenland thus became full-time Secretariat employee as a Research Council Secretary.

Aviaja Uldum from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Research is the Temporary Secretary. Her mail is work mail is

The Secretary of the Council is at the Ministry of Industry, Energi, and Research. The Minister is Jess Svane.


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Arnajaaq Lynge, MSSc