When looking at other countries and comparing Greenland’s use of its GDP to research, it is a very small part. In the EU, for example, it aims at the total public and private investment in member countries in research and innovation to be 3% of GDP. In Denmark, the public share accounts for just over 1% of GDP, of which approx. A fourth part is managed by research councils.

One of the basic aims of Greenland Research Councils is to ensure the best possible knowledge base for the development of Greenlandic society, and an important part of the Council’s strategy is to make Greenland progressively approach a level of public research of 1% of GDP.

Looking at the political objective of the Government in the field of research, the goal is to promote and strengthen research that is rooted in Greenland and for the benefit of Greenlandic society.


According to the legislation, the following areas are included:

  • Coordination and prioritization of research efforts
    • Strengthening Greenland’s participation in international research cooperation
    • Strengthening Greenland’s participation in research cooperation within the Kingdom of Denmark
    • Strengthening cooperation between public and private research
    • Increased use of research results and innovation in the Greenlandic society, including as a basis for commercialization
    • Increased dissemination to the public about Greenlandic research.