Research Promotion

You can apply funds from Research Promotion pool for initiation og research projects in all scientific fields. Since 1997, two annual allocations have been made. The amount of the pool is approx. DKK 900,000 annually and is financed by the Government og Greenland.

On the basis of the legislation Ilisimatusarnermut siunnersuisarneq ilisimatusarnermullu aningaasaliisarneq pillugit Inatsisartut inatsisaat nr. 5, 29. november 2013, Chapter 2, Nunatsinni Ilisimatusarnermik Ilisimatusarnermik Siunnersuisoqatigiit (Grønlands Forskningsråd, Greenland Research Council) – pilersinneqarnerat suliassaallu, § 6 the Council has these taks:

4) Evaluate and prioritize applications for research funding.

5) Coordinate and prioritize the allocation of research funding across ressort areas of the Government of Greenland

6) Ensure that all research grants, which are not public basic grants linked to specific institutions or grants for research-based government services, and after a professional research quality assessment are awarded in open competition, and that the funds are allocated upon application based on published criteria.

7) Promote and strengthen research information and research dissemination.

8) Cause the follow-up and evaluation of research efforts in Greenland, including research programs and research environments.

9) Take research-related tasks imposed by the Naalakkersuisut Council.