Research Projects

You can read brief descriptions of Research Promotion and PhD & PostDoc research projects.


Research Promotion

From Research Promotion Pool I in 2014 through Research Promotion Pool I in 2017, research project with descriptions on methods for social inclusion and dissemination to society follows from Research Promotion Pool II in 2017.

The reason for this is that Greenland Research Council went on an excursion to Toronto and Ottawa, Canada in spring 2017. The purpose of the study trip was:

  • Gather knowledge about methods of connecting research and society
  • Gather knowledge about dissemination of research to society
  • Gathering knowledge about the methods of the researchers for dissemination to society
  • Better communication with others working with research


Based on the new knowledge, new requirements were made for the application, namely to have a plan of inclusion of society, as well as dissemination to society about the research project.


PhD & PostDoc

A PhD & PostDoc grant application contains a popular science description available for publication.

When Greenland Research Council was formed in 2014, the Council became responsible for disseminating research in Greenland. Therefore, you can find information about the PhD & PostDoc fellowships from 2014, although the Council first took over assessing applications in 2015.