Research Funding

The Greenland Research Council aims at supporting, promoting, and developing research environments as well as building research capacity in Greenland through allocating funds for starting up research projects.



PhD Scholarships

The general PhD programme consists of three-years of research following a Master’s Degree. PhD scholarships are announced annually in cooperation with Pinngortitaleriffik (Greenland Institute of Natural Resources).

In addition, the Government of Greenland has signed an agreement on establishing co-funded research fellowships with Danish research authorities.





A Postdoc typically refers to a temporary academic position held by a PhD candidate after the completion of their doctoral studies.


Industrial PhD

An Industrial PhD is a three-year business-oriented research and doctoral programme. It is a collaboration between a private company, a PhD candidate and a university, where the candidate is employed by the company while enrolled at the university. The candidate spends all their working hours on the programme and divides their time between the company and the university.

The agreement between the Government of Greenland and the Bank of Greenland Business Fund on Industrial scholarships offers two scholarships per year. All academic disciplines are applicable.

Sullissivik on Industrial PhD




Non-Profit Research Purposes (Pool C)

The Sports Betting and Lottery Fund invites applications for projects with non-profit research purposes. Note that only applications from residents , associations, organizations , companies, and authorities (etc.) based in Greenland will be accepted.

Sullissivik on Pool C


Danish Arctic Institute

You can read here more about the Research Dissemination Award by the Danish Arctic Institute.

The first prize is dkk 10,000.00
The second prize is dkk 5,000.00
The third prize is dkk 2,500.00

The articles must be written in Danish and submitted to the Danish Arctic Insitute no later than September 16, 2019.



Call for proposals: Feasibility study for co-production between researchers and local indigenous communities.

NordForsk is issuing a call for use of scientific, traditional and local knowledge to support communities and their livelihoods in the Arctic.

The Nordic budget for this call is approximately NOK 2.0 million. In addition, NOK 500 000 is earmarked for projects that include partners in Greenland. The maximum amount of Nordic funding for proposals including partners in Greenland is NOK 1.5 million.

Funding may be used for:

  • mobility and networking;
  • joint planning of the research idea concept;
  • joint workshops;
  • joint dissemination activities (electronically) and engagement with local communities in the Arctic.

You can read more about the application procedure at this link


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