PhD & PostDoc Scholarships and Application

Administration of Phd and PostDoc Schollarships

Greenland Research Council assesses PhD and Postdoc scholarship applications and sends their priorities to Pinngortitaleriffik

The Greenland Institute of Natural History is responsible for calling young researchers from all scientific areas to an annual application round for PhD and postdoctoral fellowships.

Researcher education and the building of research competence in Greenland are highly prioritized.

The Interdisciplinary Greenland Research Council prioritizes the applications, while the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources is responsible for the administration.

Scholarships will strengthen Danish-Greenlandic research cooperation, development of research and recruitment of young researchers to Greenland Research.

It should be emphasized that research funding can be sought within all scientific main areas, and the Government of Greenland has concluded an agreement to establish co-financed scholarships with the Danish research authorities.

The scholarships are awarded by the Greenland Research Council on the basis of Inatsisartutlov nr 5 af 29 november 2013 om forskningsraadgivning og bevilling af forskningsmidler (in Danish).

The Danish state finances 2 scholarships over the account for Arctic Research, which 1 scholarship is funded from the pool for research education by the Government of Greenland.


Former deadline:
Friday, March 15 2019

You can find the application form for PhD scholarships here (in Danish)
You can find the application form for PostDoc scholarships here (in Danish)

The poster of Greenland-related PhD or PostDoc scholarships with guidance and specification of requirements for the application can be downloaded here (in Danish)