Application Deadline and Case Processing

Application Deadline and Submission of Application

The deadline for submission of applications is 1 March and 1 October, noon.
If it is a holiday, the deadline is the first upcoming working day.

The application size may not exceed 5 MB and will be sent in one single pdf file to:

Secretariat of NIS Greenland Research Council


Application Processing

Expect 8 weeks of processing time from application deadline.
All applicants are given written notice of the application outcome.

Regarding applicant’s update of incorrect application

If the applicant finds a defect in an application already filed before the application deadline, the full application must be submitted once more with the missing information. Applicants should inform the Secretariat of NIS Greenland Research Council that a new application has been submitted to replace an already submitted.

If the application deadline has been exceeded, the applicant’s already submitted application will be assessed on the basis of this.


Prerequisites for granting

  • Applicants will only be considered if:
  • Application is filled in on the form available on the website
  • Applicant has complied on all items in the application form
  • Applicant complies with the application deadline
  • The number of pages does not exceed the specified
  • The applicant has reported to the Secretariat of NIS Greenland Research Council for previously received money from the pool (ie the field indicating that money has been received and has been reported must be ticked; the reporting form must be shown in the form).

The terms are the same regardless of citizenship.


You can read the example of an assessment form here (in Danish)