Application requirements

Complete the required fields in the application form and submit it together with the following in one pdf file:

A project description on maximum four A4 pages. It is recommended that the project description contains the following information:

  1. Purpose and research questions
  2. The importance of the project for building knowledge and competence in Greenland
  3. Background
  4. Research plan, including methods and timetable
  5. Methods of inclusion of society
  6. Methods of dissemination to society
  7. Practical conditions
  8. Budget
  9. Short CV with a publication list of the applicant and the scientific employees for whom salaries are sought
  10. Written acceptance from the institution where the project may be completed.


Project description

The project description must contain:

  • A professional plan describing the chosen method, information on national and international cooperation.
  • A description of how the integration of society is thought into the project. Inclusion may involve students / others.
  • A description of how communication is involved in the project. If possible, the dissemination should pose more than the publication of scientific or popular science article.

Applicants should be aware that an interdisciplinary council participates in prioritizing individual applications. It is therefore recommended to write the project description to active researchers in all areas and not only to specialists within the application area.


Acceptance from Institution

Acceptance from the institution where the project may be completed must be enclosed in the form of a signed confirmation, eg. in the form of a letter from the institute manager at the institute where the project is to be carried out.


Additional Information

Please contact the Secretariat of the NIS Greenland Research Council, by e-mail to: or by phone at +299 34 57 61