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Research Strategy

The Council decided in 2016 to hold a seminar on a joint research strategy for research in Greenland, which is planned to be held in collaboration with Greenland research institutions.

The seminar was organized by the Secretariat of the Greenland Research Council, inviting the Greenland research institutions to present their own research strategies, as well as providing a contribution to consolidating a joint research strategy for Greenland.


The Vision of the Council

To create better coordination and cooperation between the institutions around the country


Research Hub

‘Der er en stigende international interesse for forskning i klimaændringer og arktiske forhold. Kongeriget har med Grønlandsk unikke forhold mulighed for at styrke bidraget til den globale klima- og miljøforskning, styrke sin arktiske profil internationalt og bidrage til en lokal og bæredygtig vækst i Grønland. Mulighederne for et samarbejde mellem danske og grønlandske myndigheder om udvikling af en arktisk forskningshub i Grønland bør derfor undersøges’

-Taksøerapport 2016


In English:

‘There is an increasing international interest in research about climate change and arctic conditions. With the unique circumstances of Greenland, the Kingdom has the opportunity to strengthen the contribution to global climate and environmental research, strengthen its arctic profile internationally and contribute to local and sustainable growth in Greenland. The possibilities for cooperation between authorities of Denmark and Greenland regarding the development of an arctic research hub in Greenland should therefore be examined’

-Taksøe Report 2016


The Theme of the Seminar

  • To create a clear research profile for Greenland
  • Including better coordination and cooperation between the institutions regarding research


The Objective

On the basis of the recommendations from the seminar, the Research Council can initiate the preparation of a joint research strategy for Greenland – in collaboration with the Research Unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Church (IKIIN), Government of Greenland.


The Final Document

The final document from the seminar on ‘Joint Strategy for Research in Greenland’ in October 2016, has been developed in collaboration with Greenland research institutions, which are:

  • University of Greenland, and associated institutions
  • Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and associated research units
  • ARTEK – Arctic Technology Centre
  • GEUS – Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland
  • Asiaq – Greenland Survey
  • Greenland National Museum & Archives
  • Research Unit in IKIIN, Government of Greenland
  • Greenland Health Care
  • Geological Department of the Government of Greenland
  • Statistics Greenland

You can read the final document from the seminar here


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Arnajaaq Lynge, MSSc