Polarforskerdag (in english: The Polar Research Day)

Polarforskerdag was held at the university of Aalborg – AAU, in Denmark on December 6. Chair Joephine Nymand and the members Gitte Adler Reimer and Morten Meldgaard participated.

Polarforskerdag is an annual event, held by the Danish arctic research environment. The purpose of this forum is to present current topics in polar research. This years topic was future polar research.

Read the report here (in Danish)




Nordic Open Science Conference 2018

The purpose of the conference is to give space for Nordic organisations, researchers, universities etc. to discuss ‘Open Science’, and to find out how to secure and implement free access to research results.

It is desirable to focus on how to seucre everyone gets access to research results under the auspices of the Nordic Council.

The contribution on Greenland interests, and be informed about planned Nordic initiatives is the purpose of the Council participation.


Nordic Open Science Conference was held in Sweden 16 November. On behalf of the Research Council, Chair Josephine Nymand participated as an observer for the NordForsk board.

Read the report here

NordForsk is an organization under the Nordic Council that finances and organizes Nordic co-operation in research and research infrastructure.




Member Gert Mulvad participated in the 2nd Arctic Science Ministerial Meeting 25-26 October in Berlin, Germany.

The purpose of this conference is the participation of the Council in the preparation of the Greenland Declaration, which substantially presents and reflects the work and the Strategy of the Council in the Joint Strategy. Member Gert Mulvad participated the conference on behalf of the Council.


Theme 1. Strengthening, Integrating and Sustaining Arctic Observations, Facilitating Access to Arctic Data, and Sharing Arctic Research Infrastructure

  • Progress towards an integrated Arctic observing system
  • Enhanced cooperation and new activities from Space Agencies
  • International access to infrastructure
  • Increased data access and cyberinfrastructure
  • Increased cooperation on new observation technology and methods


Theme 2. Understanding Regional and Global Dynamics of Arctic Change

  • Increased predictive capabilities and skills
  • Increased Cooperation on Understanding the Arctic System
  • Sea ice
  • Marine ecosystems
  • Arctic Ocean seafloor
  • Terrestrial ecosystems
  • Freshwater ecosystems
  • Wildlife
  • Permafrost and Methane
  • Ice sheets, glaciers and sea level
  • Economic drivers


Theme  3. Assessing Vulnerability and Building Resilience of Arctic Environments and Societies

  • Identifying risks and minimizing impacts of climate and global changes
  • Developing adaptation and resilience-building strategies
  • New technologies for improving sustainability of the Arctic
  • Increasing awareness and building adaptive capacity
  • Protocols for equitable, ethical engagement and involvement if Indigenous Knowledge and communities in research


See the slide here
Read the program here
Read the report here




Arctic Circle Assembly 2018

The Council and the Secretariat participated the forum, which was held at the conference centre Harpa in Reykjavík, Iceland, the 19-21 October.

There were side meetings during the Arctic Circle Assembly. The Council had meeting with chinese researchers, participated the opening of Greenland Representation in Iceland, Friends of the North, and sessions that has the members interest of based on their work.

From left: Vicechair Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen, member Gert Mulvad, Chair Josephine Nymand, members Morten Meldgaard, Gitte Adler Reimer and Daniel Thorleifsen.

The Arctic Circle is the largest network of international dialogue and cooperation on the future of the Arctic. It is an open democratic platform with participation from governments, organizations, corporations, universities, think tanks, environmental associations, indigenous communities, concerned citizens, and others interested in the development of the Arctic and its consequences for the future of the globe. It is a nonprofit and nonpartisan organization.

The Secretariat participated the Inuit meeting, where session topics were highlighted for the planned event.
The secretariat also had a roll up presented throughout the whole event:


Greenland Representation in Iceland

Saturday October 20 the Council and the Secretariat attended the Opening of Greenland Representation in Iceland, read the news here (in Danish).

Vice Chair Thomas Ingeman-Nielsen attendig the Opening of Greenland Representation in Iceland.


Maine – Greenland Networking Event

Chair of the Council Josephine Nymand, Council members Daniel Thorleifsen and Gert Mulvad, and the Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge from the Secretariat of the Council attended the event 19 October.

The Government of Greenland and Maine, the Governor of the Uniteds States of America – Paul R LePage and their respective Arctic Circle delegations participated to brief presentations and discuss of perceived opportunities and how shipping connects our communities.

The conversation featured updates on Nuuk City Development, airport expansion projects of Greenland, and included leadership and staff from Air Greenland, Royal Arctic Line and Eimskip.

The ports of Nuuk and Portland, Maine will be connected by container service via Reykjavík beginning in 2019. This meeting will explore how we can leverage the logistics that connects us for mutual benefit.

The event also featured a discussion of existing and future exchanges, which the council comes in.

Read the report here


Wilson Center

The Council participated as an invited advisory body to the Wilson Center on Thursday, October 18,  2-3pm.

The meeting, which is a side meeting of the Arctic Circle Assembly, took place in Marina Hotel meeting room, Reykjavík, Iceland.

The meeting participants were Greenland Representation in Washington, Greenland Institute of Natural Resources, and the Department of Health and Research.

The advice contained research dissemination in Greenland, based on American research in Greenland.

You can read more about the Wilson Center here
Read the report here


Friends of the North: Alaska & Greenland

The Council and the Secretariat wa invited to a reception Friday October 19, presented by The Arctic Encounter, U.S. Senator Lisa Murkowski, Government of Greenland, and by Wilson Center. The reception is co-hosted during the Arctic Circle Assemlby 2018.

Meeting with the Chinese

NIS Greenland Research Council participated in ‘China – Greenland Research and Educational Meeting’ on Friday, October 19 – The meeting was planned Tuesday October 23, but moved to Friday October 22 due to the Council plans to travel from Reykjavík on October 22.

The meeting is based on a Memorandum of Understanding Between the State Oceanic Administration on the People’s Republic of China and the former Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and the Church of Greenland, Government of Greenland, and arranged by research coordinator Sten Lund, Ministry of Health and Research, Government of Greenland.

Read the draft of the program here
Read the Chinese participants list here
Read the memorandum of understanding here

Chair Josephine Nymand presents NIS Greenland Research Council:



The Council participated in the workshop ‘USA – Greenland Research and Educational Workshop’ on 27 and 28 August, held in new building of Greenland Institute of Natural Ressources.

Presentations during the topic ‘Research Organization and Infrastructure’ the first day:

 ‘Greenland Research Council & Infrastructure’ by Chair Josephine Nymand

‘Facilitating Increased Engagement Between the Research Communities of Greenland and the U. S.’ by Lauren E. Culler

‘US Research in Greenland’ byJennifer Mercer


Presentations during the topic ‘Co-Production: Knowledge and Research’, also from the first day:

‘Co Production of Knowledge Teachings from the Field’ by Beth Rink

‘Improving the Logistic and Scientific Collaboration in Greenland’ by Kisser Thorsøe and Simon Thaarup

‘Opening Doors to Native Knowledge_Piniakkanik Sumiiffinni Nalunaarsuineq_PISUNA’ by Nete Levermann

Presentations and exhibition about reserch in Greenland was held at the cultural house Katuaq in the afternoon.

Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge were at one of the presentation tables, and presented various informations about NIS and Research Promotion pool.

On the second day,  working  groups did some forward thinking about next steps for collaborative U.S.-Greenland partnerships.


Presentations during the topic ‘The Roles of Arctic Universities in Community Engagement and Education’ the second day:

‘Ilisimatusarfik’ by Rector Gitte Adler Reimer

‘The roles of Arctic Universities in Community Engagement and Education’ by Hajo Eicken


Presentations during the topic ‘Participant Contributions: Outreach, Education, and Research’, also the second day:

‘Creating a Pathway for Native Students in STEM Disciplines’ by Jay Johnson

My Path to Research’ by Mîtdlâraĸ Lennert

‘We Read Books’ by Lars Demant-Poort

‘Mineral Exploration and Exploitation Activities in Greenland 2018’ by Qupanuk Olsen

‘The Greenland Telescope – A New Submillimeter Wavelength Radio Telescope in the Arctic Region’ by Nimesh A. Patel

‘Airborne Geophysics and Interdisciplinary Science’ by Kirsty Tinto

‘Greenland’s Heritage Today and Tomorrow Perspectives and Capacity Building’ af Kirstine Eiby Møller og Christian Koch Madsen

‘In the Footsteps of Rockwell Kent’ by Denis Defibaugh, Susan Vanek, Axel Ingemann Jeremiassen, and Jette Rygaard

‘ASUS and Arctic PIRE – Two cases of Social Sciences Collaboration’ by Klaus Georg Hansen

‘High Arctic Critical, Coastal Zone Observatory-Thule’ by Jeff Welker

‘Soapstone in Nuuk – Communicating Scientific and Commercial Value of a Local Resource’ by Kisser Thorsøe

‘Facilitating increased engagement between the research communities of Greenland and the U.S.’ by Lauren E. Culler

‘Funding Opportunities’ by Josephine Nymand

‘Student Photography Workshops’ by Susan Vanek

‘Support Mechanisms for International Collaboration’ by Jennifer Mercer


The workshop was realized by the Research Unit of the Department of Health, and Research, Government of Greenland; NIS Greenland Research Council; Dartmouth; and by NSF (National Science Foundation).

See the add here
See the program here
See participant list here
Read the biograpies here
Read the abstract here
Read the executive summary here
Read the report here




POLAR 2018

The conference is the annual collection of international organisations that support and promote Arctic research.

The purpose is to promote international co-ordination, collaboration and cooperation in all scientific disciplines and to combine science and management meetings.

In the conference there are several programmes that are put together, which are:

  • XXXV SCAR Biennial Meetings
  • Arctic Science Summit Week 2018 & IASC Business Meetings
  • SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference
  • 2018 Arctic Observing Summit


Chair Josephine Nymand attended the SCAR/IASC Open Science Conference from 18-24 June in Davos, Switzerland.

Read the report here



Political Summit in Nuuk: Future Labour Market in Greenland

The purpose of the conference is to focus on the potential of talents in the country to the north and how the country’s jobs will recruit more efficiently nationally as well as internationally.

The political summit is organized by NICHEHUSET, which offers advertising and communication advice in the recruitment of executives and specialists in both Greenland and Denmark, in collaboration with the media house Mandag Morgen and Altinget, Denmark’s largest political media, and has just opened the media Altinget: arktis which writes about developments in the Arctic with a focus on the Commonwealth, foreign and security policy and occupation, infrastructure and climate.

The conference was moderated by journalist Rasmus Nielsen, who is a publisher of Altinget and Mandag Morgen.


Research Council Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge was invited to the summit, with possible cooperation opportunities regarding the promotion of Research Promotion applications.

Read the program for the political summit here
Read the participant list here
Read more about the summit here
Read the report here
(all documents in Danish)

You can see the presentation ‘The successful public senior recruitment’ by Tina Overgaard, partner at the recruitment agency Genitor, here (in Danish)

You can see the presentation ‘How to recruit strategically and sustainably between Greenland and Denmark’ by Oskar Herrik Nielsen, NICHEHUSET, CEO, here (in Danish)




Hindsgavl 2018: Arctic Workshop on Research and Education


The workshop is hosted by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University, with support from the Ministry of Education and Research, the Board of Research and Innovation.

Arctic Cooperation – Inspiration for the Development of Efforts
Research Papers and Reports from the Working Groups

Member Lotte Frank Kirkegaard and Morten Meldgaard from Greenland Research Council participated in the workshop on behalf of the Council.

Read the programme and participants list here (in Danish)
Read more about practical information here (in Danish)
Read the report here (in Danish)


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