Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge at Greenland Research Council Secretariat was interviewed by KNR – Kalaallit Nunaata Radioa’s programme ‘Puilasoq’ about the Council and the Secretariat

Part I, Week 21, 2017 (in Greenlandic)


Part II, Week 21, 2017 (in Greenlandic)




The new Chair Josephine Nymand and the new member Lotte Frank Kirkegaard of Greenland Research Council participated in the Council of UArctic Meeting 2017, primarily to find out if the Greenland Research Council could become a member of the UArctic Council.

See the overview of the program here

See the entire program here



Member of Greenland Research Council Morten Meldgaard joined Hindsgavl III and presented about a Research HUB, and participated in working groups with Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge.

See the programme here (Danish)

See the presentation by Member Morten Meldgaard here (Danish)

See the poster here (Danish)



March and April

The Secretary of the Greenland Research Council, Arnajaaq Lynge, participated in the ASSW2017 (Arctic Science Summit Week 2017) as a delegate and in the APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists). She participated in both business sections and working groups in the research section.

Secretary Arnajaaq Lynge was invited as the presenter of an APECS working group, see the presentation here



Greenland Research Council took on an enxursion to Canada.
The trip was planned to take from 13 to 23 March, but due to flight delays to Iqaluit, the trip to Iqaluit was canceled. However, most of the knowledge was gained from the participants at the meetings in Toronto and Ottawa. It is certain that the requirements for research grant applicants should be adapted, such as including the locals in the research and disseminate research more.



January and February

Green Growth

The Secretary at the Secretariat of Greenland Research Council took on an excursion to the Faroe Islands with Research Coordinator from Research Unit of IKIIN by the Government of Greenland, which took place from 28 January until 1 February. The purpose of the excursion was to gain knowledge about the work of the Faroese Research Council’s (Granskingarrađiđ), and also visiting other research institutions.

It is certain that there is a need of hiring more personel at the Secretary due to fulfill all the Initiative Act No. 5 of 29 November 2013 on research advice and funding of research funds by the Government of Greenland, as well as a need of improving research funding methods.



The Seminar on Piniariarneq (Hunting) was held 24 January at the HHE Conference room in Nuuk.
Researchers and hunters in Thule run the project in collaboration. It is understandable that there is a need of changing the hunting legislation due to the climate change.

See the invitation here (in Danish)
Read the report here
To read more about NOW project, go to www.now.ku.dk


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